Liz Argyle

Argyle Photography is a full service studio in Newark, Ohio who specializes in high volume sessions such as schools, sports and dance photography. Our ability to photograph hundreds of subjects in a short amount of time keeps our organizations happy with quick learning/practice disruptions. The quality of our prints and product delights families and staff alike. We are large enough to cover all of your needs with the latest technology, while staying small enough to give great customer service and familiar faces.

Liz Argyle is the owner and master photographer who has been photographing silly things since elementary school, and professionally since 2000. You will find her on-site for almost all events leading the team of fabulous staff. Our staff engages with students for the best smiles. It’s common to see a bit of dancing, playing Simon Says, and complimenting students as they are photographed. We love what we do and the students/athletes/staff we encounter.